I refuse to let my child go through the “I hate being black” stage

hey how are budding locs suppose to look like ? I have some squishy in some areas then others have like a bumpy feel to them . I don't know if those are just bubbles though from the retwists ..? I just hope they smoothen out over time . I'm on my 4th month .

They’ll smoothen out over time!

Hey, what's your name if you don't mind?


Ummmm ok I'm just coming out straight with this *deep breathe* ma'am I wanna tell you can you be my gf??? Like....DAMN!! Idk I just saw a pic of you & you're just so gorgeous like I wanna make to love to & your ASS I don't mean any disrespect sigh I sound thirsty as hell anyway,you really gorgeous & you look like a beautiful soul person. Hope you have a great day :)

Ass? .. I suppose it’s the thought that counts. Thanks, love.


some people’s selfie game is so strong that makes me feel uncomfortable



I’m not an asshole. I am actually one of the nicest people you will ever meet. you are just pissed because I can see through your bullshit.

Ig? ; )