I always see random pics of you online. You are so gorgeous!

Thanks, love!!

This is more of an ask than a tell. I just found you, and wanted to say what a beautiful person you are! So enriching and supportive - I can't say enough positive things about your work here - thank you for sharing. :-)

Thank you so much!!! Your words mean so much to me!

Tumblr Loves, Forgive me!

I’ve been super busy as of late and I know I’ve been neglecting my inbox and my followers. You all discovered me before I discovered myself. I love each and every one of you dearly. I will try to make a better effort to converse with you. Honestly, you guys are truly the best. I hope all has been well.



I'm natural now and my hair is short an it's growing and all but the wait is frustrating asdfghjkl

I know, love! But once it reaches a certain point, it will grow like weeds! Shortly after my 20th birthday my hair took off! 

How many shows and things have you booked can you talk a out your experience and things?? You're amazing!

To be honest, I’ve lost track. My experience in the modeling industry has definitely been interesting to say the least. It hasn’t been an easy road but I’m glad I’ve stuck it out thus far. I have to pave the way for those who follow behind me. It’s hard as a woman of a color to make it in the industry. But nothing worth having should come easily. 

You're really pretty^.^

Thanks, beautiful!